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Torrevieja's town hall has started a campaign to sign the petition in for the widening of the road CN-332 for those who want to join. To do so, click in the following link:

To the Minister Iñigo de la Serna


The national highway 332 is the main communication road from Torrevieja - a city which has a register of 90.000 people and exceeds half million during the summer- to the rest of the region. At the moment, this road is widened and has two lanes each way but as soon as the road reaches Torrevieja, these change into one, being a daily problem in which lots of drivers are involved. This proyect is reflected in the General State's budgets since 2015,however it has not been executed despite its serious consequences. As Mayor of Torrevieja, I am asking you to sign in order to stop this situation:

- It is a black spot in our roads which has caused several accidents and deaths

- For drivers not to suffer traffic jams

- The damage caused to the city everytime the national news shows it

- The economical damage for Torrevieja and Vega Baja, as they become less popular destinations for any type of activity involving road transport

- The impossibility of reaching Torrevieja's Hospital in a fast and safe way

For all that, as Mayor of the city, I have requested the support of all institutions, entities and associations to solve this exasperating situation.

I am asking you to join us and sign the petition, so that the Minister finally considers this concerning issue.

Thank you

This petition will be sended to:

Íñigo de la Serna

General proyects manager assistant
Rosalía Bravo Antón

General facilities secretary
Manuel Niño

General Manager
Jorge Urrecho Corrales

Campaña desdoblamiento N332

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