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Who are we? What do we do?

The Youth Information Centre (CIAJ) is a public and free Centre dependent on the Youth Department of Torrevieja Town Hall and is part of the National Network of Information Services for the Young

It collaborates with public entities on youth matters such as INJUVE, GeneralitatJove-IVAJ (Valencian Government Youth Department), Diputacion of Alicante and the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

It also promotes actions for the youth, due to this department's transversality in the municipal area in collaboration with other departments: Sports, Culture, Education, Employment, etc...

It is a comprehensive resources and services centre for Torrevieja's youth and listed bellow are the different areas operating within its installations:

Boards and Information Panels:

You can find on them all kind of useful information, news, public offers, CIAJ Programms, informational posters, leaflets...

Self-Service Information Zone:

In this area you can check various documentation on your own, classified according to the subject ( Education and Universities,languages, health risks prevention, volunteering, associationism, trips, courses, youth publications...) without the need of an informer's help.
This zone has chairs and tables for your convenience.

Informers Area:

In this point you can meet our youth informers, who will provide you with personalized advice and information and will deal with all your enquiries, suggestions and requests.
Telephone assistance and new techonologies management are also carried out here.

Multipurpose Classroom

Many workshops,talks and other activities organized by the Youth Department are held here.
Classroom has a blackboard, a projector, sound equipment,etc It has capacity for 50 people approximately

Meeting Classroom

Room suitable for meetings and gatherings.


Youth Information:
Personalized advice and information for the young on all matters of interest: education, schoolarships,aids, courses, workshops, contests, leisure and free time, trips and public youth announcements
Also available through new technologies access and most specially on Youth Department's social networks in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Whatsapp

Youth Recreational Activities:

The Youth Department offers quarterly programs with diverse activities (workshops, courses, trips, conferences, outdoor activities,etc) in order to develop a bigger participation of the young population of Torrevieja.
All activities are mostly aimed at young people aged 14 to 35.

Special attention is drawn to recreational and free time activities, offering courses such as recreational and free time activities instructor.

Associationism and volunteering:

Special attention is drawn to youth associationism in collaboration with the Valencian Community Youth Department (CJCV), supporting not only existing youth associations but volunteering activities among young people.

Employment and Housing:

CIAJ facilitates access to employment and housing information sources, plus training programms, job offers and collaboration with other entities regarding these subjects.


Official Youth Warantee National System Point, in collaboration with the Ministry of Employment and Social Security .

Automatic Youth Information and Youth Card issuing.IVAJ. GVAJOVE.

Here you can get your Youth Card issued and gather information about all services Valencian Government offers for the young people in our Community.
Get your Youth Card at the CIAJ now!

European Information:

Information on European programms and resources for the young, Erasmus +, European Volunteering Service, employment and education in Europe among other public offers.

Internet Access:

CIAJ offers computer equipment for the young people to get internet connection.
This service is only available and free for young people.

WI-FI Internet Service

CIAJ offers a wireless internet service only available and free for young people, which intends to facilitate access to new technologies.


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