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Registro general y Ventanilla única (PROP) Registro general y Ventanilla única (PROP)
General Registry, Enquires
Pza. Constitución, 2 (junto Ayuntamiento) Localizar en Google Maps
96 644 46 44

horariosVentanilla única: Lunes a viernes: 9'00 a 13'00
Registro General: Lunes a viernes: 9'00 a 14'00

Más información

Forms can be presented before the PROP Office either in person or by mail, and therefore forms sent by email or fax will not be valid.

When posted, forms must be stamped by the post office in order to prove the form's presentation.

When presenting documents in person, identification with DNI, NIE or Passport will be required.

When a person other than the interested party presents the documentation, it will also be necessary to show the pertinent authorization (see forms) fully completed.

Forms (Authorization to the Representative & General Form (2 sheets))

Icono tipo de archivo pdfAutorizacion a representante.pdf (38 KB)
Icono tipo de archivo pdfInstancia general (MODELO NUEVO 2017).pdf (491 KB)


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