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Archivo Municipal
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C/ Antonio Machado, 137
03182 Torrevieja (Alicante)
+34 96 670 44 18
Fax: 966 708 061


Archivo Municipal
The Torrevieja Municipal Archive finds its origins in the need of gathering, compiling and organizing, in a sistematical manner, all meaningful documental evidence leading to the recovering of dispersed documentary heritage and in grave danger of damage and loss.

On the other hand, this Municipal Archive must perform, as its primary function, the custody of all municipal administrative documentation generated at the different instances of Torrevieja Town Hall, and also make it available for its authorized personnel.
Precisely, these two main aspects of its activity motivated the creation of the Torrevieja Municipal Archive in July 1989, being Mº del Carmen Cerezuela the Municipal Main Archivist from that date on.
It was later on when the Municipal Archive Internal Regime Regulation was passed on the 29th of September 1993 (and published in the B.O.P - Official Provincial Bulletin- number 254, on the 5th of November that same year).

Since 1989 and until the month of January 2008, its physical location was placed at the semi-basement premises of the Council House, located at Constitución Plaza in Torrevieja.
Before the increasing number of municipal documentation needing to be filed at the Archive's premises, it soon became necessary to prepare a new space for the Municipal Archive, in order to fulfill also the needs of its personnel and, in general, the public demands on the Archive's services.
In this sense, from the beginnings of year 2008 and up to the present day, the Municipal Archive Department is located at a wider space in Antonio Machado Street ( besides the Court House and in front of the Bus Station).
Together with its purely administrative task, carried out from the Torrevieja Municipal Archive's premises, and mainly consisting in the reception and custody of the municipal administrative documentation and in making it available to the public and to our Town Hall personnel, the Archive has yet another relevant function, which is a historical one, and this function consists in conserving, recovering, advising and publishing of local history documents.
For this purpose, the Municipal Archive has published a total of 5 books since February 2001 (compiled under the title series "Ad Turres" and as part of the "Torrevieja´s Municipal Archive Magazine"), many different cultural exhibitions have been organized, and the Archive continues nowadays to impulse the development on any aspect contributing to the conservation, development and divulgation of the customs and traditions of our people.

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Documents placed at the Torrevieja Municipal Archive can be referred to as the "Municipal Collection" (historical category - years 1830 to 1960-, and administrative category - from year 1961 onwards).
Administrative documentation is organized in five sections ( related to Governmental Departments [Mayor's Office, Protocole, Local Police....], Secretary´s Office [Registry, Archive, Contracts, Statistics, Openings, Personnel...], Fiscal Control [Revenues, Expenses, Surplus...], Treasury [ Cash Management, Tax Collection...]..., all of them subdividied in subsections, series...
The documents are classified by following the same organization chart settled for the municipal general management and functioning, which is at the same time based on a classification board on permanent change and modification, depending on the increase of municipal institution's functions.
There is no purging, and new entries are processed through material transfers duly registered in our collection transfers sheets.
The Administrative Archive is currently home to 20.000 items and 2.576 volumes.
There are 986 items and 912 volumes at the Historical Archive ( which, as explained above, comprehends documents dated between 1830 and 1960)
The total amount therefore of holdings nowadays raises up to the figure of 20.986 items and the total amount of volumes ascends to 3.488.

As far as the state of conservation is concerned, we may say it is good in general terms, excepting for certain historical documents, that have been damaged due to long-lasting adverse storage conditions.
On the other hand, and as far as descriptive tools are concerned, there is a general inventory placed at the Historical Archive, a subject index ( elaborated with chronological and topographical outputs that are linked to the inventory's descriptions), chronological and descriptive of each item.

At the Administrative Archive, however, the organization chart is based on the same guidelines established by the Valencian Government, together with a Database elaborated by the Town Hall IT Department.
In this same section, document transfer sheets operate as an input´s inventory of transfers of material made into the Archive.


-Auxiliary Library

Torrevieja Municipal Archive has an Auxiliary Library, (whose functioning rules are contained in the Torrevieja Municipal Archive Organization Regulation) and which consists, at the moment, of a total number of 406 volumes, divided into the following sections:
-173 volumes of bibliography on local subjects exclusively.
-126 volumes of bibiliography on general subjects
-107 volumes of bibliography on autonomical subjects

Likewise, we are home to various encyclopaedic dictionaries collections, together with the "Alcubilla Dictionary" (27 volumes) and the Spanish Legal Encyclopaedia (95 volumes, comprehending years 1912 to 1944).
There is free access to all our bibliography; the interested person must fill in a request form first nonetheless, and it must be authorised by the Mayor himself.
Opening hours for consultations run from 8:00 h to 15:00 h (winter time) and from 08:00 h to 14:30 h (summer time), from Monday to Friday.

- Newspapers Library
This service is not currently available at Torrevieja Municipal Archive.

-Other Services
We must finally bring attention to the existence of various deposits and donations of documentary collections made to this Municipal Archive of ours, of extraordinary value for historical investigation on our municipality, being specially relevant the collections donated by Juan Aparicio López and by Ricardo Lafuente Aguado.
These collections are currently in process of inventory and cataloguing.


The Municipal Archive is located on a building with an approximate surface of 1900 squared meters, in 137 Antonio Machado Street of Torrevieja.
The building is divided into 3 floors, being the upper floor and the underground floor both used for the storage of administrative documents; and the ground floor housing the Municipal Archive´s Public Personnel Offices, a consultation room available to the public, and a space for cultural exhibitions, and, to end with, a section destined to receive the documentation that must be part of the Torrevieja Municipal Historical Archive.
The aforementioned building is properly equipped with intrusion protection and fire detection systems.


- Advising and Consultation Services

As explained above, in accordance with the Law of Public Assets of 1985, the Law 30/92 of the 26th of December on Common Administrative Procedures, and the Law on Archives of the Valentian Government of 2005, the consultation of historic and bibliographic documentation will be free, upon written request by the interested person and authorized by the competent authority (The Mayor).
Please, check the Municipal Archive opening hours above.
The consultation will be registered in a "consultation sheet", which must be duly filled in and must be signed by the interested person.
Documentation loans are not allowed.

Town Hall Personnel may loan and consult administrative documentation from the Municipal Archive, under written request in duly completed form signed by the public servant.
Specific rules on these services are properly regulated in detail in the aforementioned Torrevieja Municipal Archive Organization Regulation.
A new Internal Regime Regulation has been ellaborated recently, in compliance with the latest regulations on the matter, and currently in the process of being passed by pertinent authorities.

-Cultural Promotion (visits, exhibitions, publications)

We have also mentioned before the existing publications made by local investigators and published by Torrevieja Municipal Archive, five in total, and under the title "Ad Turres".

-Magazine of Torrevieja Municipal Archive
Revista del Archivo Municipal de Torrevieja.
You can find in its volumes all kind of different articles, basicly about local history investigations, although Magazine numbers 3 and 5 are indeed monographs about the History of the Torrevieja Musical Union and about the reputated journalist and intellectual Don Juan Aparicio López, respectively.
The aforementioned volumes were edited between 2001 and 2007.
On the other hand, since the official inauguration of the new premises took place in June 2008, the instituion has hosted at its new location two cultural exhibitions, both related to the General History of the Archive, displaying its activities and documents, and both paying tribute to the distinguished local musician Ricardo Lafuente Aguado, recently deceased.

Digitization of Documents

Torrevieja Municipal Archive is currently going through the process of computerization and adaptation to new technologies, which implies considering that in the future the Archive will be able to offer the aforementioned digitization service.
Nonetheless, certain documents can be photocopied, except for those that present some degree of damage or for sewn documents that can not be, for that same reason, safely photocopied.

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