III Cycle of family theater 2022/2023

Theater for All
6 de November de 2022 | 18:30h
Tipo de evento
Teatro para todos

60 minutes




316 butacas

The Municipal Institute of Culture "Joaquín Chapaprieta" presents the 3rd installment of the family cycle "Teatro para Todos", with a series of theatrical performances of all categories, of great quality as they are award-winning works at the best national theater festivals, and oriented towards to educate the little ones in the house in values, not so little anymore!

All shows are on Sunday, at 6:30 p.m. at the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Center, for just €5 at www.entradasatualcance.com or at the center box office from 2 hours before each event.

The shows we bring this time are:

- Momo, on September 18. (Recommended age +7)

In an abandoned amphitheater on the outskirts of a city lives a girl named Momo. He has some special gift, like making people feel better just by being by their side; Momo has a great ability to hear them. He has a good number of friends, the two most dear to him are Beppo and Gigi. One day the gray beings appear in his life and in that of all the inhabitants of the city, causing important changes.

- Cocorico, October 16. (+4).

"Cocorillo" is a puppet show based on the book of the same title, which, in turn, is based on a traditional Burmese tale about the need to listen to good advice, how important it is to keep promises and of the difficulty of learning to share.

- Illusia, November 6. (+5).

Ilusia is a story of love, survival and hope full of humor and tenderness that mixes puppets and flesh and blood characters, and that takes us to that place in our minds where JM Barrie, author of Peter Pan, said that they rose, as in a dream, the islands of Neverland, which are nothing more than the islands of fantasy. «Children always arrive in these magical lands with their boats when they play. We too have been there: we can still hear the noise of the waves, although we will never land again.'

- Cris, Little Brave. December 18 (+7).

CRISTINA is a brave girl who fights to be who she is and to be what she feels. A girl who at birth doctors thought was a boy and assigned a male gender. And so, in this way, everyone from that moment thought it was a boy, but it was actually a girl. A brave and great girl.

- Chinchulin. January 15. (+4).

The emperor of China lived in a beautiful palace made entirely of the finest and most fragile porcelain in the world, with beautiful gardens and the most exquisite and fragrant flowers in the world. He also had a very cheerful and lively daughter named Chinchulina. She was a somewhat shy girl, but as soon as she heard music she lost her shyness and started dancing all over the palace. Her joy was so contagious that even her father, the emperor, would dance with her. One day sadness took over Chinchulina's heart. Only the song of a bird called the Blue Nightingale could bring joy back to her withered heart. The emperor of China, who had never left his beautiful palace, decided to break with tradition and go in search of that strange bird called the Blue Nightingale. In his search he will discover the desires, efforts and dreams of the humble inhabitants of his vast empire.

- Isabela's Journey, February 12 (+3).

Isabella's Journey is a puppet show, with live music, which tells a story of love and adventures with great humor and simplicity based on the novel "The English Spanish" by the great Cervantes.

The work tells the story of Isabela, her future journeys, and the duel between the true love represented in Ricadero, her young lover who shows unconditional love and who travels halfway around the world in her search, in opposition to another suitor whose feelings are not they are so noble.

- Loop, March 12 (PT).

Life is an endless cycle… A rhythm that comes back again and again, like a swing that you don't know if it's ending or just beginning. They always told us that we are born, grow, reproduce and die, as a sort of rite that occurs over and over again, but... How do we break with our supposed destiny? And if you had the opportunity… What would you change and what would you do the same again?

- Alma, April 23 (+3).

Alma is a poetic and sensory journey through the four seasons of the year, each with its own essence that will take shape through the objects and materials that the protagonist will come across. Alma is a small format show for early childhood based on the theater of objects and movement. The little ones will enjoy a proposal with natural materials, fun and poetic, which speaks of the passage of time.

- There is a mermaid in my classroom, May 14 (+4).

Marina is a girl who cannot walk. But he loves to swim. Since she was born, her parents take her from here to there. Worried that nothing will happen to him. To the bathroom, to sleep, to the park… Until one day he takes her to the pool.

There is a siren in my room does not try to teach the weak using mechanisms to sensitize and touch the fiber of those we treat as different, that is, all those people who have a disability. It aims to tell the adventure of a girl who, like so many others, uses her weaknesses to turn them into strengths.

- The Cotton, June 18 (+5).

Leaving behind the dangers of their hometown, the Cotton family heads to the city in search of new opportunities. Between the roofs and the lights of the city, between the fabrics, the threads and the machines of the factory, the mother and her two daughters will experience new adventures and unknown dangers.

Inspired by the labor struggles of women in the textile industry at the beginning of the century, "Las Cotton" was born.


Compliance will be MANDATORY

• The use of the seat assigned by the room staff, not being allowed to move, unless authorized by the room staff.

• Respect the signs.

• Follow the instructions of the room staff at all times.

• Everyone who accesses the room where the function will take place must do so with a ticket whenever the event requires it.

• Once the performance has started, the auditorium cannot be accessed.