The queen of the snow

5 de March de 2023 | 17:00h
Tipo de evento

90 minutes.


From €8


636 butacas.

Inspired by the tale of the Ice Queen... This children's musical with live voices stars Mireia, from Operación Triunfo, who occupies the leading voice.


• The use of the seat assigned by the room staff, not being allowed to move, unless the room staff authorizes it.

• Respect the signs.

• Follow the instructions of the room staff at all times.

• Everyone who accesses the room where the function will take place must do so with a ticket whenever the event so requires.

• Once the performance has started, you will not be able to access the auditorium.

· Boys and girls under 3 years of age who do not occupy a seat are exempt from paying an entrance fee.