Ms. María del Pilar Gómez Magán

Carlos Hurado
  • Concejal
  • Junta de Portavoces
Grupo municipal
  • Municipal Citizen Group

Telephone: 630757423
NIF: 24266685-Y


Law Degree, Granada 1990 -1995 University of Granada
Diploma in Canon Law, Madrid 2001 Court of the Rota of the Apostolic Nunciature of Madrid.
University Expert in Mediation and Family Orientation, Madrid 2003 – 2004 UNED.
Master in Family Law, Outstanding Qualification. Madrid March 20, 2017 Madrid Lawyers Training Center.(650 hours).
Civil and Commercial Mediator Course, Outstanding Qualification. Madrid March 20, 2017 Madrid Lawyers Training Center.(35h).
Insurance Mediator Registration No. 48234 December 9, 2002 Ministry of Economy.
Lawyer on duty of the ICAO col. 1337, with the specialties of Immigration, Viogen, Minors


Workshop on Gender Violence organized within the framework of the Agreement signed between the General Council of the Judiciary and the Generalitat Valenciana; held in Alicante on November 23, 2018. (7 am).
Training Conference on the Public Sector Contract Law, organized by the Excma. Alicante Provincial Council (Training Department) (4 hours). Held in Pilar de la Horadada on May 10, 2018.
I International Congress on Shared Custody and Legal Protection of Minors, Alicante, May 6 and 7, 2016 (12 teaching hours).
Seminar "The care of unhappy children", Alicante April 15, 2016. Alicante Institute of the Family Dr. Pedro Herrero (4 teaching hours)
V Scientific Conference of Asemip "Emotional consequences in children in the face of insufficient judicial protection", November 27, 2015. University of Granada (9 teaching hours).
13th Congress on Violence Against Women, Alicante, November 18-19, 2015. Alicante Provincial Council. (8 teaching hours).
10th Social Welfare Forum, Alicante, October 22, 2015. (7 teaching hours).
II International Congress of Criminalistics and Criminology, Madrid, October 16-17, 2015. Higher School of Criminalistics (16 teaching hours).
Accounting Administrative Course: Fiscal, Payroll and accounting. 2007 (309 teaching hours).
Psychology Studies, 2006 -2007 UNED.
Specialization Course in Payroll and Social Security. 2003 IMEFE (309 teaching hours).
Occupational Risk Prevention Course, 2001 Madrid Institute for Training. (33 teaching hours).
III Conference on Family Law “Marriage procedures in the New Law of Civil Procedure”, 2000 Taught by Ilmo. Granada Bar Association. (20 teaching hours).
Conference-Colloquium "Modification and Extinction of the measures of Separation, Divorce and Annulment". 1999. Organized by the Granada Bar Association.
Conference on Family Law. 1998. Illustrious College of Family Lawyers of Granada.
II National Symposium (Medical Legal, multi-thematic). 1998. Family monograph.
Conference Colloquium "Listing of assets and liquidation of assets". 1998. Taught by the Family Law Lawyers Group of Granada.
Specialization course on Child Protection. Problems in legal practice. Taught by Ilmo. Granada Bar Association together with the University of Granada.
Scientific Police Course. 1996 – 1997. University of Granada. (50 teaching hours).
Permanent course on Penitentiary Law. 1992 Inter Institute. University of Criminology (40 teaching hours).
Advanced writing and style course. 1991 (15 hours) University of Granada. (15 teaching hours).
Course of "Criminology and Criminalistics". 1991 University of Granada. (40 teaching hours).
Seminar on Civil Protection of the Right to Honour, privacy and own image. 1990/1991 University of Granada. (15 teaching hours).