Apaex Torrevieja Association

  • Asociación Apaex Torrevieja

    : C. Zoa, 73

966 70 40 36/ 619112108

Apaex Torrevieja begins to forge itself from the informal meetings of the mutual aid group of people affected by the problem of alcohol dependence since 1981, following the guidelines of the APAEX movement (common in other towns in the province), in the absence of response by other entities to the problem in question.

It was legally constituted as an association in 1990, the date from which the implementation of different specialized services and programs began.

APAEX stands for the Association for the Protection and Assistance of the Former Alcoholic.

A correct approach to addiction is carried out from a multidisciplinary perspective, in which we use very different treatment techniques:

  • Medical and psychological assistance
  • Individual interviews with patients and families
  • Group therapy in daily sessions
  • Family therapy
  • Couples therapy (group and individual)
  • Group therapy with "veterans"
  • Initial group therapy
  • Women's therapy
  • Relaxation techniques and impulse control
  • Learning and training in relaxation techniques and anxiety control
  • Various recreational, sports and recreational activities
  • Specific workshops; social skills, relapse prevention ...
  • Training and interest courses; IT, English, Sevillanas dance ...