Housewives Association

amas de casa y consumidores de torrevieja

María Manrique Fernández

  • Asociación Amas de Casa

     C. Sta. Trinidad, 22, 

966 70 22 94

The Association of Housewives of Torrevieja is one of the referent and longevity associations of Torrevieja. Its foundation dates back to 1986 and emerged with the main objective of defending consumer rights.

The new President receives an entity, which this year is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its constitution and which is in one of its most active moments, with a prestigious choir directed by Aníbal Cano, a Theater Group and a program of activities that include from Computer Science Courses, for computer management, crafts, etc.

Throughout these twenty-five years the entity has been chaired by Mercedes de Gea in its beginnings, continuing with Maruja López, Nina Domínguez, Amparo Boj and the newly elected, María Manrique.