Subsidies for SME innovation projects (INNOVA-CV)


• InnovaProD: development and manufacture of new products or a significant improvement of those already manufactured | CNAE: section C, divisions 10 to 33

• InnovaProC: readaptation of processes for continuous improvement and/or implementation of processes with eco-efficiency criteria | CNAE: section C, divisions 10 to 33; or section H, divisions 49 to 52

• InnovaTeiC: innovative solutions in the field of information technology, electronics and communications | CNAE: section C, divisions 26 to 30; or section J, 5821, 5829, 6311, 6312 and divisions 61 to 62

Beneficiaries: SMEs with at least two people as their own staff and CNAE according to the help line

Coverage: up to 45% (small company) or 35% (medium company) for minimum projects of €15,000

Application deadline: 04/12/2023

Execution: between 01.01.2023 and 06.30.2024

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