Progress in the restoration of the Molino del Agua de Torrevieja Municipal Natural Park

In 2023, continuity work has been carried out in this important municipal natural area for the recovery of the protected space
medio ambiente

The Councilor for the Environment of the Torrevieja City Council, Antonio Vidal, reports that throughout the year 2023, the Association of Southeast Naturalists (ANSE), with the support of the Torrevieja City Council and with the financing of the product company
ecological Naturgreen, has carried out different works focused on the continuity
of the recovery of the coastal juniper and juniper forest habitats in the Natural Area
Municipal Water Mill of Torrevieja.

Recently, ANSE has planted a total of 100 specimens of dune juniper (Juniperus turbinata), and 50 specimens of maritime juniper (Juniperus macrocarpa) and many other dune species in the Molino de Agua Natural Area in Torrevieja.

On the other hand, this year the removal of invasive exotic species from the area has also been launched, such as the matacuchillo or cat's claw (Carpobrotus spp.) and the pitera (Agave spp.)
This type of action aims to recover dune forests, a formation that is practically extinct in Europe. In fact, the maritime juniper and the dune juniper had become extinct in the south of the province of Alicante, leaving only a few
specimens in the north of the province of Alicante and in the pasture of El Saler (Valencia).

For its part, the dune juniper had been relegated to the Salinas y Arenales Regional Park of San Pedro del Pinatar, in the neighboring Region of Murcia.

During these seven years of uninterrupted restoration work, more than 150 coastal junipers and more than 700 dune junipers have been planted along with other dune species, in a project that, due to its approach and continuity, is one of the most
notables of the Valencian Community in their field.

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