Mr. Domingo Paredes Ibáñez

  • Sexto Teniente de Alcalde
  • Contratación, Economía y Hacienda
  • Patrimonio
  • Juventud
  • Empleo, Desarrollo Local y Emprendimiento
  • Secretario suplente Junta Gobierno Local
  • Junta de Gobierno Local
Grupo municipal
  • Municipal Popular Party Group

Graduated in Social Education from the University of Murcia and shortly will also be Graduated in Law from the Catholic University of Murcia. He has completed the Postgraduate Course in Coaching, NLP and Team Leadership from the European Business School of Barcelona and is a University Specialist in Tax Practice from the University of Murcia.

He completed professional internships at the Santa Clara Museum in Murcia linked to accessibility projects for people with functional diversity and at BBVA at the Alicante headquarters in the "LiquidDraft" program. Likewise, he has worked as an assistant in the Torrevieja law firm "Civil SP, Abogados", at the same time he is in charge of part of the management of family businesses.

He is a very socially involved person, currently being president of the Brotherhood of San Juan Evangelista, as well as being also president of Nuevas Generaciones de Torrevieja.