Mr. Federico Alarcón Martínez

Federico Alarcon
  • Tercer Teniente de Alcalde
  • Secretario Junta Gobierno Local
  • Concejalía de Policía Local
  • Concejalía de Seguridad y Emergencias
  • Concejalía de Ocupación de Vía Pública
  • Concejalía de Aperturas y Actividades
  • Junta de Portavoces
Grupo municipal
  • Municipal Popular Party Group

He is a practicing lawyer, work that he carries out in his own law firm, real estate agent, judicial expert and is assigned to the duty shift in the specialties of gender violence, minors and foreigners.

A socially very active person and linked to Holy Week from the Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulcher of which he is currently foreman, to the May Fair with the emblematic Manda Güevos Caseta, to the Carnival of which he has been a preacher or protagonist of chirigotas and theatrics, as well as the festivities.

Volunteer for various NGOs such as AMFA or APANEE, collaborator with Alimentos Solidarios or Nueva Fraternidad, founding partner and Vice President of the Torrevieja Solidaria youth association. A sports lover, he has represented our city in the Spanish Soccer-7 Championship, winning the victory.