Academic Excellence Awards "Ciudad Torrevieja" II Edition. University Degree Studies, Higher Studies in Artistic Education and FP Higher Degree. Course 2021/2022.

II Edición Premios Excelencia Académica


The object of the Bases is to convene the prizes for academic excellence "Ciudad de Torrevieja", II Edition, of the students who have completed their studies leading to an official university degree, higher official artistic education title or professional training title of official higher degree in Spanish centers in the 2021/2022 academic year and meet the requirements established in this call.


The "Ciudad de Torrevieja" awards for academic excellence are intended to distinguish students who have efficiently and brilliantly completed their university degree studies, higher studies in artistic education or higher-level professional training with official recognition that at the same time it involves an economic assignment.


educational level Reward
Higher Degree Vocational Training €1,000
University Degree Studies €1,400
Higher studies (higher degree) of artistic education €1,400

* All prizes over €300.00 will be subject to the legal withholdings in force at the time of payment.

Consult the Bases and requirements of the call in Files.