Young Entrepreneurs Award Contest 2023, XIV Edition.


The Department of Promotion, Employment and Local Development of the Torrevieja City Council announces the thirteenth edition of the Torrevieja Young Entrepreneurs Awards 2023.
Given that one of the objectives of public administrations within their active employment policies is to promote and create an adequate framework for the creation of new companies while reducing unemployment rates, initiatives like this are absolutely necessary to encourage our young entrepreneurs

The announcement of the prizes has as specific objectives: to promote entrepreneurship among Torrevieja society; promote the cooperative and social economy; promote the social recognition of entrepreneurs; promote a positive image of the entrepreneur as a generator of wealth and employment; promote innovation as a competitive strategy of the company, as well as the creation of companies and services related to the tourism sector, local commerce, new technologies, conservation and rehabilitation of buildings, environment, sports, leisure and free time; reward people with entrepreneurial initiative who have launched a new business; and provide support and support to entrepreneurs who have started their business, so that it serves as a stimulus for the creation of new companies and new jobs in the field of the economy of the municipality of Torrevieja.

The purpose of these Bases is to establish the rules that will govern the XIV COMPETITION "YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS AWARD 2023" , convened by the Hon. Torrevieja City Council through its Delegate Department of Public Works, Employment and Local Development under a competitive bidding regime.

The prizes and amounts included in the call are considerable. The following prizes and amounts are established:

  • First prize: 7,000 euros
  • Second prize: 3,500 euros
  • Third prize: 1,500 euros.

Legally constituted natural or legal persons who meet the following requirements may participate in this contest:

In the case of natural persons (individual entrepreneur and entrepreneur of
limited liability):
- Be registered in the municipality of Torrevieja.
- Be a maximum of 35 years old as of September 18, 2023 (date on which the submission period for this contest ends).

In the case of for-profit legal persons:
- Have its fiscal and social domicile in the municipality of Torrevieja.
- At least half of the people who constitute it must be a maximum of 35 years old as of September 18, 2023 (date on which
the deadline for submitting to this contest ends), and these are the ones that are in possession of at least 51% of the company's share capital.

Projects may be submitted, understood as companies that are legally constituted between 09/01/2022 and 08/31/2023.

The period for submitting applications will open the day after the publication in the BOP of Alicante of the extract from the call for the "Young Entrepreneurs Award 2023" contest and will end on September 18, 2023.

The application for participation together with the rest of the documentation will be submitted electronically through the electronic headquarters of the Torrevieja City Council.