Frequent questions


The Electronic Headquarters of the City Council of Torrevieja is a means through which citizens can exercise their right of access to information, services and electronic procedures of the City Council.

From the platform accessible at, citizens can carry out procedures or make inquiries without having to attend the municipal offices in person.

How do I access the electronic headquarters of the City Council?

You can access the headquarters with your web browser at

What advantages does the use of the electronic office have for me?

Citizens and companies can carry out procedures or make inquiries without having to attend the municipal offices in person. Their use saves you time and hassle.

What services does the electronic office offer me?

Many procedures are possible. Among them, request a minor work license (…), make a complaint or suggestion: (https://torrevieja.sedelectronica. es/catalog/tw/ae05799c-df61-43d1-be43-31943561cea9), request a registration certificate, check the processing status of your files or receive electronic notifications.

Who can use the electronic office?

All citizens, companies and other legal entities. The only requirement to carry out procedures at the headquarters is to have an electronic means that allows you to prove your identity.

It is possible, however, to obtain forms, documentation, make inquiries and request an appointment at the headquarters without the need for prior identification by electronic means.

What material means do I need to access the electronic office?

The most common is a personal computer, but a tablet can also be used - a device that operates with a touch screen, intermediate in size between the screen of a mobile phone and that of a computer - or even your mobile phone, as long as it has the usual capabilities in what we call “smart phones”.

You will also need Internet access.

How do I prove my identity before the electronic office?

Through a means that the headquarters recognizes as valid. There are several options: electronic DNI (you will need to have a suitable reader on your computer), electronic certificate, permanent Cl@ve and Cl@ve PIN

What if I don't have any of them?

You can process its obtaining before the competent organisms. The DNIe, for example, before the Immigration and Documentation Unit of the National Police, in Torrevieja at C/Arquitecto Larramendi, 3, Tel. 966 92 86 36. The electronic certificate and/or permanent key, free of charge at Torrevieja City Hall (Register/PROP).

Any suggestions on electronic means to prove my identity?

It is recommended to have an electronic certificate. You can get it for free at the Torrevieja Town Hall. To do this, you will need an appointment that you can request in person at the registry/PROP (Plaza Constitución 5, Torrevieja, better to go early, before 09:00 a.m.) or electronically, in the latter case you do not need to prove your identity through means electronics.

The Cl@ve system is also a good option, also available through Registration/PROP.

What if I don't have the ease to access the headquarters and use the possibilities it offers?

Until a specific office is set up, you can ask for help from municipal officials, particularly those who work with the public. In the Town Hall, the staff that provides service in the entrance hall. In the City Hall building in La Mata, in addition to the Registry officer himself, the Local Police officer will check the availability of personnel from the Department of Innovation. In other municipal dependencies that have an auxiliary registration point and only for matters within their scope of work, the staff that provides service in them will be able to help you.