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In the sixties, the acquisition of lots was promoted to build a school in the northwest of the town. At the beginning of the year 1962, the file for the construction of a group of four classrooms, as Graduadas de Niña, was sent to the ministry.

The first project was extended in 1966 to three units for boys, two for girls and one for toddlers.

The center began to function at the beginning of the 1967-68 academic year, although still without the current name. The official inauguration took place on July 28, 1968.

In January 1969, Inspector Rico Vercher proposed to the Municipal Board, the constitution of the Mixed School Group "Inmaculada Concepción"; made up of 5 units for girls, 4 for boys and 2 for toddlers.

Today the center is called CEIP. "Immacualda Concepción", and consists of Infant Education and Primary Education, two lines each: 6 units of Infant Education and 12 of Primary Education.