Activities for equality between women and men.

Tablero ocas
Egalitarian games, co-educational program: "Digital geese of Equality".

Boys and girls have the right to develop in an egalitarian society where everyone can fully develop.

Equality between women and men is a value that must be internalized from childhood when gender identity begins to be acquired.

Boys and girls acquire in these early stages of their lives norms and values of a specific society: prohibited and permitted behaviors.

Coeducation, therefore, is a fundamental tool to achieve equality between women and men and the school, as a space for socialization, is fundamental, together with families, to eliminate the perpetuation of gender roles that the maintenance of inequalities and discrimination

From the Department of Equality, a co-educational project has been made available to School Centers using the traditional game of the goose but updated and versioned from a gender perspective.

It is an interactive teaching material to work on equality between women and men in relation to professions, activities, co-responsibility..., aimed at primary school students.

The link and an access key are provided to the schools that are interested, so that the teaching staff can use them when they need it, or consider it convenient.

All the centers that are interested can contact the Department of Social Welfare, by email at, so that they can be provided with the access code.