Cartel Llega700
Arrive700 manages incidents in the reception of the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) signal caused by the activation of the 700 MHz band technologies in Torrevieja and free of charge for DTT users.

The new generation mobile service on the 700 MHz frequency band of the main mobile operators will be available in Torrevieja in the near future.

The technology provided on the 700 MHz frequency band, previously used by Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), allows us to offer better indoor coverage and the greatest possible coverage extension.

This network arrives to improve the speed of internet connection, television, video and music services on demand, as well as dozens of new services that will see the light of day in the coming years to take advantage of the great potential of technology.

The provision of mobile services in this band may lead to the appearance of certain affectations in the reception of the DTT signal of users in Torrevieja and any other city, due to the fact that it was previously used for the television service.

In order to solve these damages, should they occur, the mobile operators have relied on the company Arrive700 to resolve any type of damage that may occur to any DTT user and at any point in the national territory that is affected for this reason.

To this end, the telephone number 900 833 999 has been enabled, free of charge, from Monday to Saturday and from 09:00 to 22:00 , which can be used by all users who need to request attention and, where appropriate, action in facilities, for the solution of possible effects and, in this way, restore the DTT service with total normality.

In this telephone number any request for solution of affectation presented by the residents of Torrevieja will be attended. After notification of the affectation by the user, a qualified technician will travel to where the affectation has been detected and will proceed to carry out the necessary conditioning work to solve it. All this at no cost to citizens.