Citizenship and Non-Profit Entities

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  • MOVES III plan: acquisition of plug-in and fuel cell electric vehicles

  • MOVES III plan: deployment of charging infrastructure

Energy efficiency

  • Incentive program for self-consumption and storage, with renewable energy funds, as well as the implementation of renewable thermal systems in the residential sector 🇪🇺

  • Aid for the implementation of thermal renewable energy facilities

  • Subsidies for projects that contribute to the implementation of the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan 2021-2030

  • Irta Plan to promote innovation and applied research for the ecological transition in architecture

  • Subsidies for the improvement of the interior conditions of the house Renhata Plan

  • Aid for the preparation of the building evaluation report (IEEV.CV)


  • Call for the adhesion of entities to the Bo Cultural Jove 2022 program
  • Bo Viaje Valencian Community Program 2023


  • Aid for the improvement of telecommunications infrastructures in buildings


  • Call for tests aimed at evaluating the key competencies necessary to take advantage of the training corresponding to level 2 and 3 professional certificates in the field of vocational training

  • Direct subsidies to single-parent families to offset expenses related to health protection

  • Aid to communities and other irrigation entities for the rehabilitation of irrigation ponds