Inauguration of six new officials to cover

On the morning of today, Tuesday, July 27, six new interim officials have taken office in the Torrevieja City Council's Mayor's Office, who are incorporated to carry out the positions of General Administration assistants, in accordance with the List of Jobs of the Torrevieja consistory .
These six new officials will work in various departments of the City Council for a period of one year, counting from their inauguration, or, where appropriate, until the definitive coverage is produced by the legally established procedure, or by reinstatement of its holder , and with a maximum limit of three years.

The six interim officials have sworn or promised their position in the presence of the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, affirming that they faithfully fulfill the obligations of the post of General Administration Assistant of the City Council, with loyalty to the King and keep and enforce the Constitution as a fundamental norm of the State.

Eduardo Dolón explained that these six new officials have been incorporated thanks to the opposition with a job bank that was set up to fill a position as Administrative Assistant. In this way, with the creation of this job bank, the City Council will be able to cover leave, vacations and other cases without having to re-convene a selection process.