The administrative specifications for the hiring of the project drafting service for the reorganization of the Los Locos beach promenade have been approved

Federico Alarcón, councilor for the secretary of the Local Government Board, reported this morning of the hiring of the drafting, construction management and health and safety coordination service of the works project for the redevelopment of Avenida Mariano Ruiz Cánovas (beach of the crazy).
The Department of Quality of urban services, led by the mayor Sandra Sánchez, has to provide the Los Locos beach promenade with a new redevelopment that significantly improves accessibility to the coastline, providing it with pedestrian routes and areas spacious rooms for the enjoyment of citizens and complying with applicable regulations on accessibility in urban areas.

Likewise, a bike lane must be provided in accordance with the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) and the access and route of both public and private road traffic, parking areas, access to residents, public transport services, collection of waste, evacuation services etc. In addition, the improvement, updating and adaptation of existing public services (public lighting, etc.) adapting it to the new design of the routes of the road, pedestrian, stay ...

The contracting procedure for the drafting, construction management and health and safety coordination service of this works project is simplified open and the bid base budget is established at 106,118 euros (VAT included) with the following breakdown:

-Traffic study

-Previous studies.

-Drafting of the complete redevelopment project with all its facilities annexes, Health and Safety Study. Work program.

-Waste management study.

-Quality plan.

-Optional Direction and Health and Safety Coordination.