Grant grant from Hon. Alicante Provincial Council


It has been granted by the Hon. Diputación de Alicante a grant to the Torrevieja City Council for the amount of 1,558.71 euros , for the First Internal Equality Plan for Men and Women of the Torrevieja City Council that has been approved for the period 2021-2023, according to the call for subsidies for Municipalities and Entities with a territorial scope lower than the Municipality for the preparation and evaluation of gender equality plans. Annuity 2021.

The commitment on the part of the Town Councils to carry out the elaboration of Equality Plans for working people, is not only an internal process, it is also a reflection of the responsibility and commitment to the entire municipality. Implementing the principle of equality requires a transversal exercise, which cannot only be carried out from the outside. That is why the step that has been taken from the Torrevieja City Council is so important, a step forward demonstrating and putting into practice its commitment, setting an example, through its own functioning as an institution.

This Resolution has been published in BOP No. 170, September 2021.