El Musical de la Granja
Tickets for both musicals can be purchased on the platform at a single price of 7

TORREVIEJA (13-10-2021). The "Joaquín Chapaprieta" Municipal Institute of Culture, thinking of the younger audience, has scheduled two children's musicals for this quarter so that the whole family can enjoy. Given the enormous success of children's musicals in past programming, the following shows will be performed:

- "El Musical de la Granja", with two shows, one at 12:00 and another at 18:00, on Saturday, October 23, at the Torrevieja Municipal Theater. This is the story of Zenón's farm, a cheerful peasant who, together with his nephews, the sweet María and the clumsy Tito, will teach us all the animals that live with them. From the Percherón horse, through the Vaca Lola, the Parrot Pepe, the Pollito Pío, to the rooster Bartolito among others, they will tell us about their life in this peculiar farm with their best songs and their funniest stories. A musical with live voices in which we will laugh, dance and sing non-stop!

- "Cinderella, the musical", on Saturday, November 13, also in two shows, at 12:00 and 18:00 at the Municipal Theater of Torrevieja. It is the adaptation of the classic folk tale written by Charles Perrault. It tells the story of a distant kingdom where a kind and beautiful girl lived. After her father passed away, her cruel stepmother, together with her envious stepsisters, make her their servant and change her name to 'Cinderella'. The sweet and kind girl's life will be completely changed when she meets Prince Christopher Rupert 'Topher'. The classic story of Charles Perrault told like never before. A musical full of music, dance and beauty that will make you laugh, enjoy and dream.

Tickets for both musicals can be purchased on the platform at a single price of 7.