The new website of the City Council comes into operation

It is a modern, dynamic and minimalist website that uses the corporate colors blue and pink as the main reference for its design
Rueda de prensa del concejal de Innovación Ricardo Recuero presentando la nueva página web
The new website of the Torrevieja City Council has already come into operation, which this morning has been presented by the Councilor for Innovation and Modernization of the Local Administration, Ricardo Recuero. A modern, dynamic, minimalist, multi-language website with a very clean design, which uses the corporate colors blue and pink as the main reference for its design, as well as the new logo that has already been implemented in each and every one of the departments. from the Torrevieja Town Hall. In short, the website, which can now be consulted in Spanish and Valencian, will also be available in English and Russian.

Ricardo Recuero has reported that the municipal website is currently in the production period, where all City Council departments are uploading content to the website to be as complete as possible.

The municipal website, awarded to the company PULSIA, has involved an investment of 63,000 euros for the next five years, which also includes its maintenance during this period of time.

The mayor of Innovation and Modernization of the Local Administration has reported that in about a month the new Transparency portal that will be included on the web will be operational. Likewise, in the coming days an area will be implemented to communicate incidents detected by citizens and which will be transferred to the different affected councils to be corrected.

The website ( has the following links on its home page: prior appointment, procedures, prior public consultations, tourism, sports, Local Development Agency, upcoming events. In addition to all the news generated by the Press and Communication Department, upcoming events, etc.

It also highlights the Thematic Areas with tabs such as:

City: Salinas Natural Park , Beaches , Transport and mobility , Urbanism , Housing and Environment .

General services: Human Resources , Citizen Participation , Local Police , Health and Public Health , Citizen Security and Recruitment .

Tourism and Activities: Culture , Celebrations and Sports

Social Welfare: Benefits and Services , Services for the promotion of personal autonomy , Dependency , Equality Area , Pangea , Family and Minors and Housing Aid

Education and Training: Baccalaureate , Permanent Adult Training, University Training , Languages , Secondary Education, Infant and Primary Education and Vocational Training

Economy and employment: Commerce , Industry , Innovation , Technology , Consumption and Employment

The new website also includes a tab on its home page for GROUPS: Young people, women, people with disabilities, job seekers, entrepreneurs, seniors, international residents, immigrants, family, children, athletes and associations and clubs.

Finally, Links of interest: Department of Animal Protection ,Autumn 2021 Youth Program , Department of Social Welfare, Family, Housing, Accessibility, Equality, Dependency and Women.