On Saturday, December 4, the Gymkhanica of the Patron Saint Festivities 2021 is celebrated

The theme of the Gymkhanica of this seventh edition comes under the motto "We do not lose charamitaso"
The Youth Council of the Torrevieja City Council presents the seventh edition of the popular Gymkhanica, under the slogan "We do not lose charamitaso". It is an activity that is part of the Patron Saint Festivities 2021, which is aimed at young people between the ages of 14 and 30, and which will be held on Saturday, December 4, departing from the Youth Information and Animation Center (CIAJ) .

As of Tuesday, November 23, all interested parties will be able to register their teams through the electronic headquarters, with a maximum of 20 teams, made up of four people each. Each team will appoint a spokesperson from among its components who will be in charge of maintaining contact with the organization. The complete rules of the Gymkhanica 2021 can be consulted on the municipal notice board through its electronic headquarters https://torrevieja.sedelectronica.es and the municipal website www.torrevieja.es.

The Gymkhanica tries to create an atmosphere of brotherhood and community around some tests in a competitive environment, but at the same time healthy with physical, intellectual, dexterity, memory activities and very marked by the Torrevieja culture. The theme of the Gymkhanica of this 2021 that will be the VII edition comes under the slogan "We do not miss Charamitaso". The popular expression from Torrevieja “not to be lost charamitaso” refers to the fact that one should not miss the opportunity to participate in an event or revelry. Torrevieja at parties is a joy and it is what this Gymkhanica is intended to reflect.

This year's tests are marked by fun, in which the teams should not have a problem in losing their shame in the different situations that arise. As every year the culture and traditions of Torrevieja, as well as the history of our city will be reflected in many of the tests to be passed, and which must combine both knowledge and skill, ability, memory and speed.

Before starting the tests, the rules for the safe development of the Gymkhanica will be explained, and hygiene and prevention measures will be adopted, according to the sanitary circumstances that occur to avoid the transmission of COVID19, being an indispensable and mandatory condition the use of masks in those tests in which it is not possible to maintain a 1.5 meter distance with other equipment or personnel of the organization, maintaining a safety distance at all times. The start will be from the CIAJ and the team that manages to complete all the tests correctly in the shortest time possible and that has complied with the stipulated rules will win.
There will be prizes for the first three classified groups:

1st PRIZE: Travel voucher to be used during the year 2022 for € 800 (€ 200 for each team component).

2nd PRIZE: Courtesy voucher from APYMECO valued at € 150.

3rd PRIZE: Courtesy voucher from the Torrevieja Hospitality Association valued at € 100.

Applications will be made in strict order of registration through the electronic office of the Torrevieja City Council, and the attached documents must include the name of the group, and that of all its components and provide a copy of the ID of each one of them. In the case of minors, it will be the father / mother or legal guardian who signs said authorization attaching their ID and that of the participant.

For more information , please contact the Department of Youth via email juventud@torrevieja.eu , contact telephone or via whatsapp 606,055,291 965,714,072.