Approval of the preliminary construction project for the new Agamed and Multifunctional Educational Center facilities

The AGAMED Board of Directors, held this morning, chaired by the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has approved the preliminary draft of the new AGAMED units, as well as the space that the City Council will have for a multifunctional educational center, which It is located on the site next to the Sala Vista Alegre, located at the confluence of Concepción and Canónigo Torres streets.
The land where the building is to be built belongs to the City Council and the legal formula for surface rights has been used as the most viable formula. As consideration, the Torrevieja City Council obtains the use of a total of 1,488, 23 square meters of the building to be built, having full availability from the first day from the commissioning of the building on the second, third and attic floors, in the The multifunctional educational center will be located, while the ground and first floors will be made available to the AGAMED company offices. In addition, it should be noted that the City Council will receive ownership of the entire building built, including the ground floor, first floor and basement from the end of the contract.

Eduardo Dolón has announced that the floors for the multifunctional educational center (second, third and attic floors) will become the next University Venue in the city of Torrevieja. In this sense, the mayor has announced that both the University of Alicante, the Miguel Hernández University and the UNED would be in a position to settle in this building.

Therefore, the mayor of the city has stressed that all this will have a great impact on the immediate surroundings of this central area of the town. On the one hand, the daily generation of activity generated by the offices of AGAMED's headquarters, due to the flow of people who come to the offices to carry out the procedures, in addition to the 40 people who work in their offices, and on the other hand , the specific impact that the city center may have with a university headquarters.

Eduardo Dolón has highlighted that it is an exciting project because of what the building represents in architectural, functional and versatile composition, with respect to the environment and sustainability.

The new AGAMED offices will incorporate improvements to increase sustainability and accessibility, the installation of an air renewal and disinfection system to make the environment safer and the conditioning of an interactive self-service area, in which through mobile devices type Tablet and Smartphone, customers will be able to learn and carry out their transactions online at the time of the company staff. For Eduardo Dolón, the new office model aims to help improve the relationship between AGAMED and its customers, promoting a new concept of face-to-face service, more technological, but also more personal and close, focused on improving the customer experience and the generation of shared value. In which, in addition, it is possible to break down the barriers to understanding, digitization and for reasons of disability, while creating comfortable environments for those groups that attend the office with financial difficulties.

Starting today, a plan of stages begins that has to be specified as follows: once the public deed procedures have been completed, AGAMED will request a demolition license to demolish the rear building and hangars that currently exist, with which the total demolition It may be done in the month of April. At the same time, the building license will be processed so that, immediately after the demolition, work on the building can begin, with a maximum execution period of 18 months being foreseen. Therefore, if everything goes as planned, the building could be in operation in the 2023/24 school year.