The Department of Parks and Gardens begins the pruning of palm trees in the municipality of TorreviejaAt the same time, the pruning of the city's trees is being carried out

At the same time, the pruning of the city's trees is being carried out
The Councilor for Parks and Gardens, Carmen Gómez Candel, informs that the pruning of the palm trees in the municipality of Torrevieja has already begun. Following the guidelines set by the Order of December 22, 2009, of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, which establishes mandatory phytosanitary measures for the control and eradication of the plague Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (red palm weevil), in its article 6.4 indicates: The local corporations will ensure that in their municipality, the pruning of palm trees on their property is carried out in winter, from January to February.

Carmen Gómez has indicated that the pruning work that began last Monday, January 17, will continue until the end of February, the streets that will need to be cut to carry out the tasks being previously notified by the Local Police. , in order to avoid causing inconvenience to the neighbors.

Approximately, the order of action will be as follows: Avd. Habaneras, Plaza de la Habana, Plaza Europa, PP La Loma, Plaza Caballero Bonald, Urb. Los Ángeles (Becisa), Plaza Sevilla, Avd. Doctor Walkman, CP Virgen del Carmen , Sector 13, Carretera Torrejón, Torre del Moro, Cabo Cervera, Los Leandros, Molino del Agua, La Mata, Ronda Ricardo Lafuente, Parque del Molino, Roundabouts CV95, Park of the Nations, Annex Park of the Nations, Roundabout Carrefour, Avd. Marcos Frías, PP Doña Inés, Children's Park for Traffic and Water Lilies, Paseo de los Conquistadores, Narváez, Churruca, Avd. Pacifico, Torrevieja Cemetery, Mediterranean Partial Plan, Rincón de Asturias Garden, Avd. Desiderio Rodríguez, Gregorio Marañón, Plaza Islas Canarias, Calle Portalitos, Parque de la Estación, Monument to the Salinero,…

The mayor of Parks and Gardens has indicated that, in parallel, the pruning of the city's trees is being carried out.

Finally, Carmen Gómez points out that the Torrevieja City Council continues to carry out periodic treatment against the red palm weevil in publicly owned palm trees. In order to be able to treat privately owned palm trees, the Torrevieja council has made, once again, available to the owners of infected palm trees, the municipal technical services to advise them on everything necessary with the aim of preventing and eradicating, to the extent possible, the plague of the red palm weevil.