The installation of alarms begins or, failing that, the adaptation of existing ones in 56 municipal offices

The contract has a duration of five years (2022/20227) with a total investment of 217,800 euros for the 60-month duration
The Councilor for Security and Emergencies of the City Council of Torrevieja, Federico Alarcón, informs that after its final award to the company VASBE SL Security and Surveillance Services, the installation, maintenance and revision of alarms in municipal offices has already begun, and the rest of the interior security equipment owned by the City Council of Torrevieja.

The contract has a duration of five years (2022/20227) with a total budget of 217,800 euros for the 60-month duration. The works that have already begun to be carried out include the services and installations of the station/central for reception, verification and transmission of alarm signals due to theft/intrusion or other incident and their communication to the City Council and the Security Forces and Bodies, in the 56 units that are included in the technical specifications.

In addition to the installation of these alarms, the contract includes the preventive-regulatory maintenance of devices, devices, alarms and security systems related to the centers' alarm receiving centers. The purpose of this maintenance is to anticipate breakdowns or irregularities in operation, making adjustments, repairs or replacement of those parts that may reduce the operation guarantee or cause breakdowns within what can reasonably be foreseen.

Likewise, corrective maintenance and adaptation of installations are also included, the purpose of which is to correct the causes and effects of breakdowns that leave the system functioning defectively or totally or partially out of service. This maintenance must respond to incidents due to breakdowns within the maximum periods established for their repair, and start up the service immediately, repairing the necessary equipment.

Federico Alarcón has indicated that the installation of alarm reception centers or, failing that, the adaptation of existing ones has begun in the Education units, to later continue with the rest of the municipal facilities such as Culture, Sports, etc.

The list of the 56 municipal dependencies to which the alarms are going to be installed are:

  • Municipal Archives - (Avda. de las Habaneras)
  • City Hall of La Mata - (Plaza Gaspar Perelló)
  • Municipal Library - (C/ Joaquín Chapaprieta)
  • Municipal Library - (C/ Diego Ramírez Pastor, 5)
  • La Mata Municipal Library - (C/ Alta) · 06 – House for the Third Age - (C/ Rafal)
  • Adult Training Center - (C/. Eugenio Segarra Torregrosa 1)
  • Census and Statistics - (C/ Antonio Machado)
  • Virgen Del Carmen Cultural Center - (C/ Del Mar)
  • Municipal Training Center - (C/ Eugenio Segarra Torregrosa 3)
  • Information and Tourism Center - (Paseo Vista Alegre)
  • Municipal Leisure Center - (C/ Jacinto Marín Noarbe)
  • La Mata Multipurpose Center - (C/ Purification 3)
  • Acequión Public School - (C/ Ciudad de Barcelona)
  • Amanecer Public School - (Avda. Juan de Austria)
  • Ciudad del Mar Public School - (C/ Tirso de Molina)
  • Cuba Public School - (C/ Maestro Francisco Casanovas)
  • Gratiniano Baches Public School - (C/ Salinero)
  • Habaneras Public School - (Avda. Delfina Viudes)
  • La Inmaculada Public School - (C/ Orihuela)
  • Las Culturas Public School - (C/ Autumn)
  • Salvador Ruso Public School - (C/ Maestro José Pérez)
  • Public School No. Lady of the Rosary - (C/ Maite Pagazaurtundua)
  • Romualdo Ballester Public School - (C/ La Sagra)
  • Virgen del Carmen Public School - (C/ Tabarca)
  • Urban Planning Building - (C/ Maldonado)
  • Sports Palace - (Avda. Monge and Bielsa)
  • Food Market "La Plasa" - (C/ Azorín)
  • Natural History Museum - (Avda. La Estación)
  • Ricardo Lafuente Museum - (Avda. La Estación)
  • Music Palace - (Antonio Machado Street)
  • PROP Municipal Registry - (Plaza Constitución 3)
  • Los Aljibes Exhibition Hall - (Avda. Ronda César Cánovas)
  • Vista Alegre Exhibition Hall - (C/ Concepción)
  • Municipal Theater - (C/ Clemente Gosálvez)
  • Local Development Agency - (Avda. de las Habaneras)
  • Torrevieja Town Hall - (Plaza de la Constitución 5)
  • House of the 3rd Age - (C/ Pedro Lorca)
  • House of the 3rd Age - (C/ San Pascual)
  • Torrevieja Cemetery - (Mar Menor Street)
  • Department of Education - (C/ Maldonado)
  • Sea and Salt Museum - (C/ Patricio Pérez)
  • Holy Week Museum - (C/ Formentera)
  • Youth Information Office - (Paseo Juan Aparicio)
  • Transportation Office - (Avda. Gregorio Marañón 1)
  • Habaneras Board of Trustees - (C/ Patricio Pérez 1)
  • La Siesta Local Police Checkpoint - (C/ Paganini)
  • GRO Local Police Checkpoint - (Alto de la Casilla)
  • Los Balcones Local Police Checkpoint - (Poland Street)
  • Occupational Risk and Prevention Service - (C/ Patricio Pérez 10)
  • Dependencies of the Market - (Avda. Delfina Viudes)
  • Salt Industry Interpretation Center - (Avda. La Estación)
  • Department of Social Welfare - (C/ Torrevejenses Ausentes)
  • Cecilio Gallego Pavilion - (Avda. Monge and Bielsa)
  • Athletics Tracks - (Avda. Monge and Bielsa)
  • Rackets Zone - (Avda. Delfina Viudes)