The Virgen del Carmen Cultural Center hosted the workshop "Ecolandscapes of Tourism" organized by the university headquarters of the UA and the City Council of Torrevieja

The subject Architectural Projects of the UA projects, for the fourth consecutive year, on the opportunities of the city and its tourist ecosystem
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For the fourth consecutive year, the subject of Architectural Projects of the University of Alicante (UA) returns to focus its gaze on the city of Torrevieja. Thanks to the Departments of Education and Tourism of the City Council and the University of Alicante Headquarters in the town, this year a new intergenerational team of architects, teachers and students project on the opportunities offered by the city of Torrevieja and its tourist ecosystem, in what they have titled as “Torrevieja Grand Tour”.

Last Friday, April 1, the Workshop "Ecolandscapes of tourism" was held in the hall and in the exhibition hall of the Virgen del Carmen Cultural Center, by Deborah López and Hadin Charbel. PAREID works on a larger scale and studies the current situation of several of the municipality's toxic landscapes and the possibilities of biology in its way of projecting.

PAREID is an architecture and urban design studio founded by Déborah López and Hadin Charbel that operates through the search and approximation between interdisciplinary fields through multiple time scales. Both are architects and founders of PAREID, an interdisciplinary design and research studio currently based in London, UK. His works take approaches from various fields and contexts, addressing issues related to climate, ecology, human perception, the sentience of machines and their ability to alter current modes of existence through imminent fictions. The group focuses on permafrost thaw in the Arctic and the ramifications and implications on a planetary scale. Using climate fiction as a vehicle, speculations involving various ecologies through intelligent machines and automated landscapes are presented, through which current economically profitable models are challenged.

The last workshop, to be held on May 20, proposed by the director of NAGAMI, Manuel Jiménez, will deal with "Parametric Tourism", in which robotic design, 3D printing and other multiple processes of advanced technologies will be experimented with. surround architecture.

In this fourth edition, Torrevieja Grand Tour is directed by the architects Mireia Luzárraga and María José Marcos, both professors of Architectural Projects at the University of Alicante and also professors at the Andrés Bello University of Chile and the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. The team of recently qualified teachers who are part of this multigenerational team are Juanma López, Gemma Santo, Sara Serna, Beatriz Arranz and Jonathan Berna. All of them have just finished their Architecture degree with flying colors, which is why they have been selected to form part of this work group.