The City Council begins the transfer to public use of the 460 niches for burials in the Torrevieja cemetery

The Councilor for Quality of Urban Services and head of the Municipal Cemetery, Sandra Sánchez, informs that the City Council of Torrevieja, given the demand for burials in the cemetery, has required an increase in the provision of niches and has carried out the expansion works
Action area 1 has been the one referring to the curved border with the Torrevieja Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), whose floor was occupied by old niches in a state of ruin, where there were burials from the beginning of the 20th century. The new pavilion has housed 236 niches.

Action area 2 has been transformed into a straight pavilion with 80 niches, enclosed by a wall adjoining the WWTP and by a pantheon at the other end.

Action area 3 consists of an isolated pavilion with 144 two-sided niches located at the Poniente entrance.

The work has consisted of the execution of prefabricated concrete niches, mainly with double pieces with two niches per prefabricated unit, or using simple pieces in cases where it was necessary to close the pavilions.

The drafting of the project and construction management has been in charge of Rubén Navarro Monzó. The company awarded the works was SBA Infraestructuras SL and the amount for the execution of the work amounted to 207,659.47 euros.

Starting this week, the City Council of Torrevieja is going to begin with the transfers to public use for the adjudication of the 460 niches and, at the same time, work is already being done on the search and location of new spaces to continue with more extensions of niches in the municipal graveyard.