The City Council will approve tomorrow the most important public employment offer in its history

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, thanked the unions for their predisposition to dialogue and the effort made by all parties to reach a consensus agreement at the Negotiation Table
The Councilor for Human Resources of the Torrevieja City Council, Carmen Gómez Candel, informs that the Local Government Board (JGL) of the Torrevieja City Council will approve tomorrow, Friday, the most important Public Employment Offer in its history, by including up to a total of 229 places , which correspond to the stabilization processes of personnel who have been occupying positions in this administration on an interim basis for years and who have not had, until now, the opportunity to consolidate their jobs.

To this offer will be added the places that make up the 2022 Ordinary Employment Offer, which will be approved shortly. These places, whose number will not be less than 15, correspond to the rate of replacement of troops that allows the General State Budget Law for 2022 and is calculated based on the number of sick leaves due to retirement, death, etc. from the previous year. Therefore, according to the replacement rate for 2022, the Torrevieja City Council will offer the maximum possible in ordinary shift.

Gómez Candel indicates that, with respect to the places integrated into the temporary employment stabilization process, the City Council is attending to the possibility established in Law 20/2021, of December 28, of urgent measures to reduce temporary employment and includes 222 positions through the competition system, leaving the other 7 from this temporary employment stabilization process, which are those occupied by personnel with less seniority in the administration, through the extraordinary opposition competition system.

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has shown his satisfaction with the importance of the measure reached after the unanimous agreement of the Negotiation Table, and has indicated that the Personnel Department feels very satisfied to have reached an agreement with the unions in this matter of such relevance and that will improve the employment situation of the personnel in our administration. “It was a proposal that this government team had as its premise, the stabilization of temporary employment. In this sense we have worked since the beginning of this mandate and thus we have launched it by launching the largest public employment offer in the history of the Torrevieja City Council and developing processes so that municipal personnel consolidate in their job" he added. the torrevejense mayor.

For her part, the mayor of Human Resources wanted to emphasize that the City Council continues to bet on improving the conditions of municipal staff and has assured that for this government team it is vital to fight against job insecurity and encourage people to have a job where their working conditions are guaranteed. For this reason, he pointed out that “we believed that it was essential to bring to a successful conclusion a process of consolidation and stabilization so desired by all parties. Undoubtedly, this agreement and the process that will accompany it in the coming months will provide the much-demanded job stability”.