Moors and Christians from Crevillent and Alicante and Carnival troupes from Torrevieja will accompany the Queen and Ladies of La Sal in the summer parade on the 13th

The parade will depart at 8:30 p.m. from the vicinity of the “Virgen del Carmen” Cultural Center and will travel down Ramón Gallud Street to its intersection with Patricio Pérez Street.
After the Torrevieja City Council recovered in 2019 the usual summer parade that each year honored the Queen and Ladies of Salt in the streets of the city, the Department of Fiestas has scheduled for this Saturday, August 13 at 8:00 p.m. : 30 hours a new edition of the Summer Parade, which is usually held in mid-August, assuming a great attraction for visitors and Torrevejenses.

The main protagonist of the parade will be the salt court 2021/2022 that will greet all attendees from a float. Wearing all their finery will be the Queen of Salt, Victoria Magoñ Rodríguez and the ladies, Juncal Gómez Rivero and Marta Mesa Vizcaíno. They will be accompanied by several comparsas of the Torrevieja Carnival, declared of Regional Tourist Interest of the Valencian Community. With all the color and their spectacular choreographies, the troupes will parade, "No ni ná", "Bufa la gamba", "Blanca de sal...", "Osadía", "Here there is tomato", "Las Cherries", "Soul Dance" and “Soul Kids”. Along with them will also be the adult and child queens of the carnival, Brenda Hernández and Triana Marín.

The Department of Festivals has wanted to include in this parade a representation of one of the most deeply rooted festivals in the province of Alicante, such as the Moors and Christians, with the presence of festival-goers who have great ties of friendship with Torrevieja such as the Association of Moors and Christians "San Francisco de Asis" of Crevillent, festivals declared of National Tourist Interest. A representation of the Federation of Moors and Christians of Alicante will also do so. From the capital there will be two Christian squads of smugglers, one female and one male.

A wide representation of the positions of the festivities of the city of carpets of 2019 will travel from Crevillent. Also two Moorish "filaes" of Berbers, one of women and one of men and three Christians, "The Dragons of Saint George", one female and two male. All of them will be accompanied by three musical groups, including two sections of the "Ciudad de Torrevieja - Los Salerosos" Musical Society.

The Councilor for Fiestas, Concha Sala, has expressed her gratitude to both the comparsas of the Torrevieja carnival, and the festive representations of Alicante and Crevillent since "everything has been made easy to participate in this parade that is a special incentive for Torrevieja on dates of as much influx as it is this month of August”. Sala also stressed that it is "a voluntary and altruistic participation by both the carnival troupes and the festive representation of Moors and Christians and therefore we express our sincere gratitude for collaborating with the city of Torrevieja."

The parade will start at 8:30 p.m. from the vicinity of the “Virgen del Carmen” Cultural Center and will travel down Ramón Gallud Street to its intersection with Patricio Pérez Street. It will have a reserved space for people with reduced mobility that will be located next to the Hotel Fontana.