Brilla Torrevieja brings together 50,000 people and reaches an economic impact of 8 million euros in its second edition


More than 100 million people have been able to learn about the festival through social networks, press, radio and television

Brilla Torrevieja closes its second edition after three weeks of performances and scheduled activities. The festival, promoted by six young promoters from Alicante, has managed to bring together 50,000 people, achieving an economic impact of 8 million euros in its second edition. Likewise, more than 100 million people, both nationally and internationally, have been able to follow the festival through social networks, press, radio and television.

On August 12, Brilla Torrevieja put the finishing touch to the 26 scheduled performances in the different stages distributed throughout the city. During the second cycle, 18,000 people have attended the different paid performances held in the Principal Stage and 30,000 people have attended the rest of the free performances distributed in the Vegafibra Stage, Red Stage and Agamed Stage. These figures, which amount to a total of 50,000 attendees of all profiles and ages. “At all times we wanted anyone to be able to get to know the festival regardless of where they were. Thanks to the dissemination that we have been carrying out on networks, press, radio and television, more than 100 million people have been able to keep up to date with everything that was happening throughout the Brilla Torrevieja course", highlights Pablo Pamies, one of the festival promoters.

Likewise, in terms of tourism figures for the city of Torrevieja, the festival has managed to attract 35,000 national and international visitors. "During this second edition we have managed to attract a much broader public, both from the region and from the entire province of Alicante and its surroundings, as well as from other provinces that are a source of tourism for the city, such as Madrid or Bilbao", he highlights. Pamies.

Economic impact of Brilla Torrevieja

In terms of economic repercussion, the festival has managed to achieve an impact of 8 million euros, of which 3 million euros have been generated directly by the festival and 5 million euros have had an impact on the different hotels, restaurants, cafes and other shops in Torrevieja.

Despite the fact that the second edition of the festival ended less than a week ago, held without any kind of incident or altercation, the promoters already have in mind to cross borders and start conversations to be able to count on the support of the Generalitat Valenciana in future editions , thus continuing with its work to position both the city of Torrevieja and Vega Baja as a reference musical destination in the Province of Alicante.