Presentation of the campaign for awareness and prevention of chemical submission among the youth population

The campaign begins today, Friday, August 26, in the vicinity of the leisure area of Marina Salinas (Bacanal), from 00:00 to 03:00.
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The Councilor for Social Welfare and Equality of the City Council of Torrevieja, Tomás Ballester, accompanied by the director of the social consulting firm EQUÀLITAT, participació i Igualtat, José Luis Sahuquillo, have presented the campaign to raise awareness and prevent chemical submission among the youth population that is It will take place on August 26 and 27, and on September 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17 and 23, at night from 00:00 to 03:00.

The Torrevieja City Council has promoted this campaign given the number of cases of aggression and abuse that have been occurring in recent months, thus continuing the work that it has already been doing on social networks, informing the youngest of how to recognize a possible puncture. and how to act if it occurs.

It is a preventive, educational, awareness-raising action aimed at young people with the aim of bringing them closer to the effects of the illegal use of chemical substances in festive environments such as the main leisure areas. The campaign begins this Friday, August 26, in the vicinity of Marina Salinas (Bacanal), from 00:00 to 03:00. On Saturday, August 27, it will be placed, at the same time, near the “Velice” nightclub.

The Purple Points will be attended by technical personnel, experts in equality, from the EQUÀLITAT social consultancy, and will have various informative content for young people on how to act in a situation of chemical submission, and how the companions of the possible victim should act. In addition, as was the case in the space installed at the May Fair, the stand will have merchandising as well as different elements for young people to photograph themselves, thus increasing dissemination on social networks.