The City Council carries out 80 actions in all schools in the city for the start of the 2022-2023 school year

The mayor, who has visited several schools this morning together with the Councilor for Education, has reported that the contract for the Maintenance and Repair Service for Early Childhood and Primary Education centers began to be executed on June 10, with the duration of the same four years (2+2) The successful bidder is SERVEO SERVICIOS, SAU and the total amount of the contract amounts to 1,304,661.68 euros

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, and the Councilor for Education, Ricardo Recuero, visited the Cuba public school this morning to check in situ the repair and maintenance work that is being carried out for the start of the academic year. school.

The mayor and the Councilor for Education, who have been accompanied by the director of the school, Ana María Torres, and representatives of the AMPA, have reported that there are a total of 80 actions that are being carried out in all the schools of the town, highlighting those of the Cuba school, in which 50,000 euros have been invested mainly in the repair of its toilets, which had numerous leaks and damage due to the age of its facilities. In addition, plumbing, electricity, masonry, painting, etc. have been carried out in the rest of the schools. so that they are in perfect magazine condition for the beginning of the course on September 12.

Eduardo Dolón has informed that the contract of the Service of maintenance and repair of centers of Infantile and Primary Education of Torrevieja began to be executed last June 10, being the duration of the same of four years (2+2). The successful bidder is SERVEO SERVICIOS, SAU and the total amount of the contract amounts to 1,304,661.68 euros.

This new contract responds to the basic need to maintain educational centers in the best possible conditions so that teaching activities can be carried out within them.
The contract contemplates numerous improvements in the number of human resources to meet the needs of educational centers, as well as in the economic amounts to be invested in said repairs and maintenance actions. This increase pursues a higher quality attention to the needs that arise in the day to day of the schools.

Among the aspects to be highlighted, is the Phytosanitary maintenance, the air conditioning of the centers, the fire, alarm and evacuation systems of the schools that have been included in this new contract.

Core services including, but not limited to:

  • The maintenance, upkeep, and repair of the buildings, including the complete real estate elements and their facilities in order to guarantee safety, stability, and health in accordance with the applicable regulations;
  • All the operations required for the proper functioning of the facilities, buildings, services, urbanization facilities and environments, patios, sports courts, etc. of the schools dependent on the City Council of Torrevieja that must be in perfect condition.
  • Replacement of materials and facilities.
  • The repair of breakdowns and surveillance and control of the facilities.
  • INTEGRAL maintenance of all networks: plumbing, sanitation, rainwater, connections, electrical and lighting networks, air conditioning and heat and cold production systems/networks, boilers that are duly legalized, etc., alarm systems, extinction and detection fire protection, opening and closing mechanisms, etc.
  • Exterior pavements, urbanization, school playgrounds, sports courts, parks and children's games.
  • Fire protection installations, alarm detection, evacuation.
  • Air conditioning systems and boilers. Boilers, pumps, distribution networks and
    appliances/terminals for air conditioning networks and boilers, etc.


Subsequently, the mayor and the Councilor for Education have visited the new school that is being built with prefabricated classrooms in which the CEIP Inmaculada will be located, located next to the CV-905, together with its director, Eva María Atienza, and representatives of the AMPA of the school. The construction of this prefabricated school began on August 8, and it is expected that in the month of November it will be completely finished and all the students of the Inmaculada can enter. This new prefabricated center will be line 3, that is to say, it will have one more line than the current one, mainly to give respite from the city's school pressure, so it is expected that the full course will begin. The center will have 18 Primary classrooms, 9 Infant classrooms, as well as a library, dining room, IT room, etc.


Finally, the mayor and the mayor of Education have visited the Conservatory-Auditorium of Torrevieja, a place where a delegated section of the IES Torrevigía will be located from the beginning of the course, which will have 4 classrooms of First of the ESO (66 students) , although, according to its director, Concha Ballester, up to 4 more classrooms could be expanded.