2nd ICEX NEXT call

ICEX NEXT is the ICEX Spain Export and Investment program for Spanish SMEs that want to grow internationally, helping them in all phases of their project.

The beneficiary can be any Spanish SME that meets these requirements :

  • Product, service and own brand.
  • They are not commercial or productive subsidiaries of foreign companies.
  • Billing of more than €200,000. Exception for technology-based startups that have a commercialized product or service; or if said billing is not reached in the 2021 financial year, the amount may be considered at the time of submitting the application.
  • Not having participated in ICEX initiation programs. Exception: if you participated before 01/01/2015 and the sales figure is greater than €300,000 or 30% of international sales; or if you participated between 1997 and 2005 and more than 1.5 million euros are billed in 2021.
  • Have personal means and minimal materials to address its international growth, have a person responsible for the project and/or international and their own website.

The duration of the program will be 2 years .

Amount of aid:

The maximum subsidy per beneficiary company is 24,000 euros corresponding to 60% co-financing from ICEX. Therefore, the company may present up to a maximum of 40,000 euros of expenditure made to which 60% will be applied to determine the ICEX subsidy.

The concepts of expense, maximum amounts of the subsidy and percentages of co-financing:

  • personalized advice: €4,500 of which ICEX will finance €2,700
  • Promotion, prospecting, development of the commercial network and people expenses: €35,000, of which ICEX will finance €21,300


  • Procedure 1: from February 1 to 28 .
  • Procedure 2: from May 1 to 31 .
  • Procedure 3: from September 1 to 30 .
  • Procedure 4: from December 1 to 31 .


You can learn more about this news at the following link .