The City Council acquires ownership of the library and reading room on Avenida Diego Ramirez and the plot adjacent to the ice factory

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The councilor-secretary of the Local Government Board, Federico Alarcón, has given an account this morning of two important acquisitions by the City Council of real estate for various municipal offices in the municipality of Torrevieja, and which is part of of the strategic lines programmed by the government team chaired by Eduardo Dolón.

Specifically, the Torrevieja town hall has acquired the plot adjacent to the ice factory (which is already owned by the City Council), as well as the municipal library and reading room located on Avenida Diego Ramírez.

Regarding the property adjacent to the ice factory, with an area of more than 300 square meters, located on Orihuela street and Salero street corner, it has been acquired for a total of 840,000 euros. Federico Alarcón has explained that the need for its acquisition is based on the fact that this site is needed for the integration of the ice factory in the rehabilitation project of the historic complex of the Eras de la Sal. And, regarding the valuation made for appraise its value, this has been obtained from the rules established in the Land Law to obtain the value of undeveloped area in the urban area, which is precisely the case at hand, technically justifying the value of 840,000 euros.

As for the library and reading room on Avenida Diego Ramírez, it has been acquired for a value of 741,000 euros, based on a valuation of 1,145 euros per square meter, which, multiplied by the 648 square meters of surface area, gives the purchase value. made by the City Council.

The public bidding document for the acquisition of this library required a space for use as a reading room that had more than 600 m2 and that, in addition, the offer did not exceed the amount of 1,815 euros square meters.

Also, regarding what is currently paid for rental of the library, it should be noted that invoices for a value of 1,815 euros/month are paid, which amounts to 21,780 euros/year. Therefore, once the property has been acquired, these amounts of expenses are no longer paid for rent.