The musical Cruz de navajas, the last Mecano arrives in Torrevieja from May 11 to 14

After Madrid and Barcelona, Torrevieja becomes the first city in Spain to host the great Mecano musical

The city of Torrevieja once again has a musical by Cultura Torrevieja, after the success of The Hole X, and which anticipates the announcement of the new four-month period that will be launched next month from the Department of Culture. This time comes a production based on the story of Mecano and his entire repertoire of hits, with a team of more than 100 people from the production company Vértigo 360, who will perform 35 of his best-known songs. An opportunity to enjoy a musical produced by Gonzalo Pérez, one of the most prestigious producers in the country, with a long history of recognition and awards of all kinds, and which will celebrate its 3rd anniversary in March and has had more than 150,000 attendees. its functions.

Cruz de Navajas also supposes the creation of a new genre within the musical spectacle, because, for the first time, a plot story is not used to unite each song, but each one of them is transformed into a particular universe and story. It is a unique show. A surprising and groundbreaking audiovisual format, where Mecano's great songs are heard and recreated, each one interpreted with original and amazing staging, thanks to advanced technology, and the most exquisite talent and sensitivity.

The scenery designed specifically for Cruz de Navajas is one of the fundamental elements of the show, not only because of the formidable visual impact it produces on the viewer, but also because of its importance as a complement to each number, and visibly accompanies each piece of music.

This is possible thanks to high resolution led screens. Part of the creation of Cruz de Navajas is the shooting of videos in 4 and 8k, which are projected on the screens to accompany some songs, and which could be worthy finalists in any short film festival. These screens, of more than 100m2, have the peculiarity of being transparent, which also allows them to play with the elements of the stage, showing, depending on the number, what is left in front of or behind them.

Tickets are already on sale on the web