Torrevieja will have the largest completely paved Pump Track in the world

With an area of 4,200m2 and three levels for the practice of this sport that every day adds more followers
pump track

The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, and the Councilor for Parks and Gardens, Antonio Vidal, visited the progress of the works on La Siesta Park this morning. Together with the URDECON construction site manager, José Manuel Fernández, and the technical director of the construction of the Pump Track, Christian Tidow, they have verified, first-hand, the advanced state of the work.

The technical director of the Pump Track wanted to highlight that “we are facing the largest fully paved track in the world, a pioneer in Spain. Once it is finished, it will have twice the surface area, allowing fans of any roller-sliding sport to use and enjoy this track. It will mark a before and after in our country”.

The final area will be 4,200 m 2 , divided into three levels: specialist/advanced, intermediate, and children's level. The route will have a longitudinal surface of 300 meters for the advanced track, 180 meters for the intermediate track and 60 meters for the children's track. In addition, once the asphalting of the track is finished, it will be painted with different colors to differentiate the levels, as well as the direction of it.

Eduardo Dolón wanted to highlight the great work that is being done to create the track, which is expected to be finished by the second fifteenth of May, long before the initial forecast in which work was done. Likewise, the rest of the park is also advancing at a good pace, so "next week some of the work on the upper part of the park will be completed." As we indicated when the works began, the objective is for the park, in its entirety, to be completed by this summer, and it is being fulfilled", indicated the mayor.

For his part, the Councilor for Parks and Gardens wanted to recognize and value the work that both companies are doing to not only have the works finished as soon as possible, but also for their commitment to this project, the affection and professionalism that are putting on it. "We are facing one of the most important and attractive projects in the municipality, which is going to become a large multi-sports area", highlighted Antonio Vidal.

La Siesta Park will have, in addition to the Pump Track, an Agility area for large dogs and another for small dogs, a large central area that divides the park with two circular squares, skating circuits, children's games, bio-healthy areas, skating rink, hockey rink, soccer, basketball, futsal, petanque courts, calisthenics area, bike path, as well as three paddle tennis courts, making it the first park in Torrevieja that will have tracks to enjoy this sport so Fashion.