The mayor meets with the Minister of Social Services, Equality and Housing of the Generalitat to discuss the local needs in these matters


The mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, has met with the Minister of Social Services, Equality and Housing of the Generalitat, Susana Camarero, to discuss the needs that the town has in these matters. After the work meeting, the councilor and the mayor held a meeting with those responsible for the local NGOs that serve people with different special needs such as the ALPE Occupational and Special Education Center, the Parents' Association Students with Special Educational Needs (APANEE), the Foundation for the Defense and Integration of People with Mental Illness (ADIEM), AMFA and the Association for Comprehensive Health and Psychophysical and Psychosocial Improvements (ASIMEPP). Five NGOs from Torrevieja that work for the comprehensive inclusion of people with disabilities in our city.

The councilor has met with these social entities to have an x-ray of all their needs and, in this way, be able to attend to them in the shortest possible time.

It should be noted that the Generalitat Valenciana is the owner of the Residence for people with functional diversity, which must be opened for what it was created at the time; In addition, more human resources must be provided and the quality of care must be increased at the Public Residence for the Elderly, which is in a terrible state after eight years of unfulfilled promises from the Botánic Government and, especially, its councilor. , Monica Oltra.