Great start to the year for sports tourism in Torrevieja

Soccer teams from the Netherlands have started the year 2024 by carrying out their sports stages at the Torrevieja Sports City
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The Councilor for Sports of the Torrevieja City Council, Diana Box Alonso, reports that this year the Sports Tourism activity has taken an important and new turn, since it begins in an extraordinary way with the presence of several teams carrying out their sports stages in Torrevieja.

In this way, the Sports City begins the month of January with several Norwegian and Finnish Athletics clubs training in its facilities, all of them carrying out their sports holidays with various modalities: running, long jump, high jump, and javelin throws and weight. During their training you can see how they enjoy the climate we have in our city, which offers them sunny days, and although they have experienced some days with wind and cold, for them the training conditions are quite good.

Diana Box has emphasized that January has always been a quite complicated month to attract sports tourism, but the commercial and marketing actions carried out by the Torrevieja City Council through the Departments of Tourism and Sports, Generalitat Valenciana , Provincial Council of Alicante with its Costa Blanca brand, and all the productive sectors involved in commerce and tourism, are bearing fruit and, each year, not only are the numbers of visitors for tourist and sporting reasons exceeded, but also It is possible to deseasonalize and gradually fill the gaps in the most complicated months for the tourist market.

The travel agency BV, of Dutch origin, has been the big news this January. They began working with the Department of Sports Tourism in mid-2023 to be able to bring several Dutch soccer teams in these first days of January, being the first year in which they set their goal in Torrevieja with several sports stages of 3 Dutch soccer teams . The football clubs Pax, Fortuna Be Quick and Victoria, all of them are carrying out various training sessions in the Ciudad Deportiva and have played a triangular match between them.

The Arnhemseboys Football Club has also visited our city, also of Dutch origin and in this first year in Torrevieja they are carrying out various training sessions and will play a friendly match in the area. .

This extraordinary launch of 2024 will be completed with the visit of the DVV'09 football team also from the Netherlands, who will arrive in Torrevieja this coming Friday, being the fourth time that our city becomes their favorite destination.

Finally, the Department of Sports Tourism reports that January will not stop with the departure of these groups, since in addition to several events that involve the participation of athletes of other nationalities through school days at private bilingual schools in the area , there are several more groups of Nordic athletes and several basketball teams from Poland who will visit Torrevieja and carry out their training in our sports facilities on the occasion of their sports holidays.