On Saturday, February 17, Torrevieja hosts the Unbroken Race, a test in which more than 1,000 runners will participate


The Sports Councilor of the Torrevieja City Council, Diana Box, accompanied by the director of the Unbroken Race, Óscar Blázquez and Javier Benages, head of assembly, has presented the Unbroken Torrevieja 2024, an obstacle competition that will take place starting and finishing in the Auditorium and that will cover the entire area that is free by the Quirón Hospital and the area down to La Mata outside the La Mata and Torrevieja Natural Park. It will be held on Saturday, February 17, and will have two official tests with distances of 10 and 6 kilometers.

For the organizers of the test, this first Unbroken Race in Torrevieja opens the 2024 season and it is a great responsibility for them, since it is a very big bet, with a spectacular staging thanks to the space in which it will be held, which is none other than the Torrevieja Auditorium and its surroundings.

At this time, more than 1,000 runners have registered, of which 20% are from Torrevieja and 80% come from all the Autonomous Communities of Spain. As for international participants, there will be runners from Portugal, Italy, France and England. All of them will come to Torrevieja to compete in the Elite category, since the event counts towards the Spanish, European and World Championships.

As for the categories, in addition to having the Elite category, there is also the popular race, which is in turn composed of: improvement, motivation, fun, camaraderie, couples, teams and family. In the team category, many groups come from sports centers, which makes them motivated during the previous weeks and encourages teamwork once they are in the race.

About 1,200 runners are expected on the day of the competition, since registration is still open, so interested people can still sign up to participate. As for the public, the organization hopes to attract between 3,000 and 4,000 people given the spectacular nature of the event.

In the Unbroken Race there are two distances, one of 10 km and another of 6 km. Throughout the route the runner encounters different obstacles such as all types of walls, loads, sleds, climbing ropes, totems, crawling on the ground, etc. At the end of the race, the most beautiful and striking obstacles will be placed, with a finish line on a ramp of more than 6 meters. The start and finish will be at the Torrevieja International Auditorium.

More information at: https://www.unbrokenrace.com/torrevieja2024