Street closure in the Ronda César Cánovas Toured by works


The Councilor for Urban Services of the Torrevieja City Council, Sandra Sánchez, informs that, starting next Tuesday, February 13, Ronda César Cánovas Girada street will be closed for works:

-Complete cut in the direction of traffic from C/Orihuela to C/Villa Madrid.

-Cutting of the direction section of circulation from C/Villa Madrid to the intersection with C/San Policarpo.

-Open to traffic section Ronda César Cánovas Girada from C/San Policarpo to C/Orihuela.


To access Villa Madrid street heading into Torrevieja, it is recommended to take the existing branch at the CV-90 roundabout (Grumo de Sal decorated with flamingos), continuing along Juan Valera and José Mª de Pereda streets.

To access San Policarpo and Del Huerto streets, it is recommended to go through José Hurtado Romero “el Felisia” street.

Finally, Sandra Sánchez communicates that these cuts are necessary to be able to move forward with the work of demolishing sidewalks, removing trees for later transplanting in a municipal green area, as well as the execution of new sidewalks, planting new trees, and renewing lighting. in the median and, finally, the asphalt and signage.