On Thursday the exhibition of the Ukrainian photographer, Karina Ostapenco - Dialogue of Love between Generations - opens


The Councilor for Culture of the Torrevieja City Council, Antonio Quesada, informs that next Thursday, February 15, at 7:00 p.m., the inauguration of the exhibition of Ukrainian photographer Karina Ostapenco's "Dialogues of Love Across Generations", which will remain open to the public until March 15.

  The exhibition brings together 20 black and white photographs of different people and generations, diverse origins and perspectives on life, all of them authors of their own story and invariably united by a common bond: love.

In the words of its author, “for me, this work inspires me by people and their stories, my family, my husband, new trips and dates, music, books, movies, dance and life in general. My mission is to feel, understand and preserve beauty; Memories are the only thing that a person keeps in memory, and photos are the opportunity to save and not forget the past.”