Visits to Torrevieja schools begin to raise awareness about animal welfare and encourage adoptions

bienestar animal

Raising awareness about the well-being of animals and encouraging both visits to the Municipal Animal Shelter and adoptions has been the objective of the visit made to the Nuestra Señora del Rosario School by both the Councilor for Animal Protection, Concha Sala, and the volunteers Pepa. , Monse and Mari Carmen and the coordinator of the Department, Eduardo Pérez.

In this first visit to a school in Torrevieja, they have made the students and teachers aware of the work carried out at the Hostel and, above all, the important work carried out by volunteers. The routines for good treatment of animals have also been transferred to the students and the importance of adopting pets at the shelter before trading dogs has been highlighted.

The students have been very participatory at all times, asking numerous interesting questions. The Department of Animal Protection plans to continue this series of visits to local schools, which provide a good example, from education, for the coexistence of society with animals.