Torrevieja prepares to receive the candidates for Beauty of the Children's Fire of Alicante and their Ladies of Honor

“Salitre” is the motto of the bonfire that will be planted next Monday, April 1, in the Plaza de la Constitución

The Alicante Children's Beauty of Fire candidates and their bridesmaids will enjoy their get-togethers on April 1 and 2 in the city of Torrevieja. There the details are being finalized for the 'Salitre' plant, the bonfire created in the workshop of the artist Sergio Gómez that will be located in the Plaza de la Constitución,

The Alicante delegation will arrive in Torrevieja on the morning of Monday, April 1. There, the candidates will make different proposals prepared by the jury in addition to participating in the bonfire plant (in which they have already worked in another activity held in the workshop itself). In the afternoon there will be a parade with a brass band, candy mascletá in the center of the city and the cremà of the small bonfire titled “Salitre”, which will be planted in the Plaza de la Constitución and will be held around 7:30 p.m. . The cremà will be attended by the mayor of Torrevieja, Eduardo Dolón, the councilor for Festivals, Rosario Martínez, and the president of the Federation of Hogueras de Sant Joan, Davis Olivares.

On Tuesday, April 2, after breakfast, the candidates for Belleza del Fuego Infantil and their bridesmaids will take a sightseeing tour of various emblematic places in Torrevieja before returning to Alicante. David Olivares has thanked the Torrevieja City Council for all the facilities in organizing the gatherings and hopes that this collaboration will continue in future years.