APANEE Association of parents of students with special educational needs

A non-profit Association of Parents of Students with Special Educational Needs, founded in October 1995.

Integrated since May 2006 in the Federation of the Physically Handicapped of the Province of Alicante (COCEMFE), its activity is aimed specifically at people with a Certificate for the Disabled issued by the Department of Social Welfare of the Generalitat Valenciana.

Maximize the capacities of people with special educational needs from prevention and specific intervention.

Promote adequate detection, treatment and care in pedagogical, scientific and care aspects for rehabilitation and family, social, school integration ...

Encourage and stimulate the incorporation of disabled people into the world of work when they reach legal age.

Mentalize society to change positive attitudes to achieve integration and social normalization of the disabled.

Appeal to social solidarity to count on citizen collaboration and understanding and volunteering.

Organize meetings, conferences, colloquia and any similar cultural event, aimed at promoting the integration and well-being of the disabled person and their family.

Diagnosis and orientation

Early care in its different modalities:

Outpatient treatment

Sensorimotor stimulation


Speech therapy


Support and monitoring of children integrated in public and private nursery schools:

School monitoring and specific treatments (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy) for school-age children, inserted in centers of the Ministry of Education.

Family counseling and support service: aid processing, support groups, family intervention, parents' school ...

Basic training, orientation and management to be able to access the world of work

Activities to promote associative participation.

Social leisure activities.


Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 20:30

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APANEE It is an Association of parents of students with special educational needs.