Mr. Eduardo Dolón Sánchez

  • Alcalde
  • Proyectos, Planificación Urbanística y Desarrollo de la Ciudad
  • Junta de Gobierno Local
Grupo municipal
  • Municipal Popular Party Group

He is a Graduate in Business Administration and Management from the San Antonio Catholic University and a Diploma in Business Sciences from the University of Alicante, as well as a Master's Degree in Business Management (MBA) in the specialty of Financial Management and Business Organization from the Catholic University Saint Anthony.

He began his professional career in the private sector performing accounting and tax functions in consultancy, private banking or linked to renowned companies in the city. In 2002 he began his career in public management. He has been 1st Lieutenant-Mayor, Councilor for Culture, Havana Festivals and publications, before achieving a historic absolute majority in 2011 that led him to the Mayor's Office until 2015.

During the last 4 years he has led with firmness, responsibility and commitment the opposition to the misgovernment that Torrevieja has suffered despite clearly being the candidate with the most votes for the people of Torrevieja due to the pact reached by 6 political formations. A task that he has combined with the 1st Vice Presidency of the Provincial Council of Alicante and the Costa Blanca Tourist Board.