The beautiful lola

The Torrevieja sculptures are a tribute to Torrevieja women. They represent the difficult situation of those women who had to see their sailor husbands, fathers or sons go to work at sea.

Then they could only wait, with their eyes fixed on the horizon, to see the silhouette of the ships in which their loved ones departed.

In 2009, on the occasion of the twinning of the cities of Oviedo and Torrevieja, the latter donated a replica of the Bella Lola installed on its promenade to the Asturian city.

We can see this copy, also sculpted by Carmen Fraile, inside the Plaza del Fontán, in Oviedo. This time he does not look at the sea, nor does he perch on a stone bench on the rocks, he is located on a municipal wooden bench.

Más información

Today this sculpture is an emblem of the city. This work is known beyond our borders and an obligatory stop for tourists to take a photo next to the statue.